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Stephanie and Brian

I have to admit, one of the first things I thought when I heard about the Columbia River Gorge wildfire this month was “oh no… but what about Brian and Stephanie’s wedding?” It seemed impossible that not only would the day go perfectly, but that the fire would provide a stunning and hauntingly beautiful backdrop for the day at Wind Mountain Ranch. It was hard not to feel happy, though, with a couple like this. Stephanie has an infectious smile, and was radiant every time I aimed a camera at her. The flower girl made friends with a praying mantis and sweetly carried it around on her flower crown. We tromped through tall grass and took photos overlooking the most beautiful place in Oregon. It was wonderful. And when I asked them what their plan B was in case the fire had ruined the day, they shrugged and said “we didn’t have one.” I guess they just somehow sensed that it would work out.

October 5, 2017 Comments (0) Wind Mountain Ranch

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