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Stacy & Ryan {McMenamins Kennedy School}

All of the Mcmenamins properties are great to work at but Kennedy School stands out as unique as most of the great photo opportunities are inside. From the Detention Hall Bar to the Boiler Room Restaurant, Ryan and Stacey had and endless list of places for me to choose from. It was so much fun! Congrats you two…it was a great night!

Review from the clients!
I am a photographer myself, so this decision was a very important one for me. Our initial meeting with Ben was pretty amazing, he answers all your questions before they are even asked, at the end of the meeting I couldn’t really think of anything he hadn’t covered, which made me feel like he really new what he was doing.

They have a lot of online tools you can use to help them figure out which of their photographers will be the best match for you, we wound up with Laurel, Ben’s wife, and I am so glad we did.

We met for our engagement shoot, they had someone booked right before us that was running late, but no big deal, we were seated in their Pearl office and offered a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. The session with Laurel was great, she is so sweet and really knows what she is doing.

What matters most is the big day though, and it was pretty much flawless. Laurel really had a handle on what needed to be happening and moved people around as needed, even people who weren’t guests at my wedding! She felt like more a friend than a hired employee, and when things that were beyond her control were quite going right she knew what to do.

My wedding day was one of the best days of my life, and now I have tons of beautiful pictures to remember it. I could not have picked a more professional company, the price was OUTSTANDING, and my photographers were awesome. I HIGHLY recommend. If you go with them tell them I sent you!

Ryan & Stacy Heyne

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  1. mom says:

    Love these-where are the rest-they must have taken about 800 pics.Make up a DVD for me and prints of the two of you together -the one with you guys jumping-the one of you all alone looking so dapper-the corsage-all girls in color.Love the one in detention room.

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