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Shelley & Ryan {Beckenridge Vineyard}

Ryan & Shelley were best friends. For 6 years, 2 months and 4 days to be exact. Which isn’t always easy for a Duck and a Beaver. :) And on this day they reached a new milestone of becoming husband and wife; promising to always love one another as much as they do now (”except on civil war game days” as Shelley cleverly snuck into her vows).

What an absolutely fun and beautiful celebration their wedding was! Congratulations Ryan & Shelley! Have a great honeymoon in Hawaii!

From the Couple:
“I wanted to start by saying how great of a job Sara and our extra photographer (Andrew I think it was) both did for us. They were efficient, professional, indescribably helpful, patient and accommodating. We could not be more pleased with either of them and are really excited to see how all of our photos turn out! A paycheck, a meal and a few hugs were not NEAR enough of a thank you for Sara, so please let Ben know how terrific we thought she was – from the very moment we met her until she left the wedding that evening, we felt as though she was a close family friend and a member of “team Glaze”, always looking to get (and give) the absolute best for our special day…

Lastly, I wanted to just say that if there is any way that Shelley and I can help Powers in the future, we’d be happy to. We’ll absolutely be recommending you to any and all of our friends who get married in the future – and as a professional writer – I’d be happy to write a glowing review if it would be of interest… Just something to consider!
Thank you, one last time, to all of Powers Studios!

Ryan and Shelley”

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