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Shawna & Raj

Family is a big part of Shawna and Raj’s life, and they are excited to be bringing theirs together in Portland later this summer. For their engagement session, Shawna and Raj decided to explore Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, as it’s a place they’re thinking of putting on their ‘Things to do while in Portland’ itinerary for their guests. They told me about some other Portland ‘sites’ they are thinking of taking family. While exploring around the garden, Shawna and Raj found ponds, waterfalls, and the largest Rhododendron they’d ever seen. They were also greeted by ducklings and a bald eagle – so I think this place will make the cut. Congratulations to Shawna & Raj!

June 18, 2018 Comments (0) Engagement Sessions

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