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Sara & Trent

The day began downtown at the Embassy Suites where Sara, cool as a cucumber, got ready along with her Mom, mother-in-law (to-be!), sister and bridesmaids. Dressed in royal blue, Sara’s girlfriends sat quietly, holding back their tears as they listened to the bride-to-be read a card from her future husband. Trent had nothing but the sweetest words to say to his Love that left a lump in all our throats. He ended his letter with a little description about the enclosed gift for Sara. He said he was giving her cozy socks, not because he thought she had cold feet but because her feet get cold. {Tissue please!} Sara and Trent didn’t see one another until she was hand-in-hand with her father coming up the aisle on her way to becoming Trent’s wife. Now it was Trent holding back the tears! They wed in the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens, just a stone throw away from the very spot where Trent proposed to Sara. They had come full circle and were starting their newest chapter together. All the best to Mr. & Mrs. Russi!

Wedding at Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens

July 10, 2013 Comments (0) Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens

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