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Quan and Derek Vo, September 18, 2010

I’ve said time and time again that cultural weddings are some of my favorites and this one was no exception. Being a photographer you gain certain additional skills along the way. One of them is weather radar reader. I was definitely working the Doppler all morning checking all the weather bureaus to try to plan some outdoor photos. Arriving at Quan’s parents house early that morning, the outlook was positive as there were clouds and some breaks but no rain. As the ceremonies commenced I could feel the air changing. Unfortunately, I do not have a knee or elbow or any other appendage that can tell the weather, I just know that when it goes from muggy to cool in a short amount of time, rain is on its way. After we took some formals in the beautiful backyard, as tradition dictated, we had lunch. It turns out that I had my meal with a side of downpour. We still had to take some family formals out in front of the house and it was a little tricky as I braved the rain until everyone was ready to run out and get their photo taken then run back under cover. After this adventure, we made our way to the Atrium at Montgomery Park which was where the reception was to be held. The great thing about the Atrium is that the windows allow a ton of natural light to shine through and I used every bit of it. Once again working the radar, we sprinted out the door when there was an opening only to be met with more rain. We ended up taking photos under a bridge at a park nearby but I didn’t take into account the huge drops of water from the planks up above. 5 minutes and we were out and back into the limo and back to the Atrium. I could go into more details of how much fun it was but this is a blog not a novel-og. One thing that I noticed was the demeanor of Quan and Derek. It was so cool going from table to table listening to the heartfelt thanks that the couple expressed to everyone there. Congratulations to Quan and Derek, I wish their lives filled with love and laughter because based on their wedding night, they are well on their way.



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