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Preferred Vendor: Your Perfect Bridesmaid

Your Perfect Bridesmaid has been a great partner vendor of ours for a few years now. We always hear wonderful things about them from our clients and know they will always do a great job! Kim & Melanie work very hard to make sure every couple, no matter the budget, has an amazing day. They not only help with the coordination but have expanded to help with flowers (Your Perfect Blossoms), Invitations (Your Perfect Papery), Hair & Make Up (Your Perfect Look), and desserts (Your Perfect Sweet Shoppe), all of which are featured on our partner list!! Check out more about the company below :-)




Credit to: Petalos (pink flowers lining the aisle at the vineyard), Vista Hills Vineyard, West End Ballroom


When were you founded (and any backstory on who/how)?

Melanie and I started Your Perfect Bridesmaid in the spring of 2009. We had been working in the corporate and non-profit worlds since college and we felt there was an opportunity for us start a business that would utilize our skills and experience as well as fill what we felt was a gap in the industry. The year before we started YPB, we had been working on planning Melanie’s wedding. We found it very difficult to find vendors within her budget and we felt we could fill that void. We wanted to be a vendor we could afford to be a client of. Our founding principle is that everyone should be able to afford to to have a beautiful, well planned, well run, wedding regardless of their wedding budget.


What your company specialize in?

Our company helps clients plan and execute their dream wedding. We specialize in maximizing clients budgets, through vendor selections, and event strategies, as well as coming up with creative decor solutions to help our clients have the look they want with the budget they have.


What sets you apart from other vendors in your category?

I would say the first thing that sets us apart is our target client. We love working with clients who are on a tight budget. It challenges us, and allows us to get very creative. The second thing that sets us apart is our experience. Having a decade of non-profit and corporate event planning experience we tend to be pretty practical and matter-of-fact with our approach to planning weddings. Thirdly, I think our pricing structure sets us apart. While we do have our signature package that most clients use, we also allow clients to hire us for a few hours the day of, or for a few pre-planning hours leading up to the event. We want to help, any way we can.


Why did you get into weddings?

We felt there was a gap in the wedding industry that we could fill with our experience. Also, we wanted to get out of the corporate world and use our skills and experience to make a difference and help people.


What is your favorite part about weddings?

Kim: My favorite part of a wedding is right before the bride walks down the aisle.

Melanie: My favorite part is the father/daughter dance. It always get’s me teary!


What advice would you give to a couple planning their wedding?

Relax. Everything is going to come together beautifully. Also dont buy into the wedding hype that the media has created with the reality shows. Create the day you want, not what David Tuttera or Martha Stewart says you should have.


Note a favorite review:

“I cannot possibly rate Your Perfect Bridesmaid any higher! As a professional event planner myself, I at first assumed I would just handle all the planning myself, until I learned about YPB, and the incredible value they offer. Their small fee is nothing in comparison to what they will save you in time, money (by reviewing contracts and amazing tips) not to mention stress!

They were so immediate and constant in their responses to my questions and concerns, and were truly a friend and ally in an industry that can be hard to trust. On the day of our wedding, they were so amazingly calm, organized and professional, making sure all the time and money we’d put into making our wedding perfect wasn’t wasted!

The truth is, no matter how organized you are as a bride, when it comes to your actual wedding weekend, you don’t want to be the one to execute all your little details or stress about making sure it gets done right. YPB was hands down the best money we spent throughout our whole wedding and I would have gladly paid double for the incredible and limitless help they gave us! I’m a self-admitted perfectionist and hard to be won over at times, yet YPB left me with absolutely zero things to complain about. They went above and beyond to make every little detail perfect, just like your best friend or mom would. That type of character is virtually impossible to find. I highly, highly, highly recommend them!!””


What is your average pricing?

We have two options for pricing. Either our signature package, or our hourly rate. All of our pricing is available online.


What discount do you give to Powers couples?

Powers couples receive a discount off our signature package


Best way for couples to contact you?

Email please:


Do you travel outside of PDX for weddings?

If so how far and is there a fee? Yes, we travel up and down the west coast. Yes, there is a travel fee which varies based on where we are going.

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