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Phi & Seth { The Inn at Diamond Woods }

”Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, nobody”. – Ben Stiller, Dodgeball. I guess Noah, Seth’s brother never saw this movie. While helping him with his boutainerre I buried about 1/4 inch of stainless steel pain into my finger. After the bleeding stopped we both laughed about it….rather, he was laughing and I was, well…I had some dust in my eye which caused my tear ducts to fill up and stream down my face. Besides that little snafu, Seth and Phi’s wedding day went off without a hitch. The day was bright and sunny and perfect for them. When I found Phi in the house, she told everyone to say hi to me. I was hearing hellos from everywhere. It was definitely a fun bunch. After Phi and Seth’s first look it was time to get things done. After signing the Katuba and dealing with a slight Chuppah malfunction it was time for the ceremony. Before I knew it, Seth was stomping down on that glass with authority and it was time to party. The reception was DJ’d by Seth’s cousin Josh. I will say that his skills are top shelf. His music choice was great but his comments throughout the night were better. To quote him after introducing his grandmother, ”The matriarch of the family, nemaw…..go get it girl!!”. I can say I’ve never heard someone tell their grandmother to go get it but it was apparent that this was how Seth’s family rolled and it was awesome. After helping me impale myself with that thin still widow maker of a pin, Noah dropped an epic best man toast. In it, among other things, he explained how he and Seth once dated the same girl. He also got to how Seth is the most prepared person he knows and that if there was an apocolypse…Seth’s place would be the first place he would go. With that he explained how Seth took his time and chose the very best of things and made a parallell on how Seth found the best person for him in Phi. It was such a great day. Congrats to Phi and Seth and your new adventure!

Wedding at Inn at Diamond Woods.

From the couple :-)

Very professional, organized, and staff was super friendly.

 Mike was very professional and fun. He constantly took pictures and was readily available to take any pictures we wanted. He tried his best to accommodate all our needs. We didn’t know what we were doing at times so we relied on his expertise which was wonderful.

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