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Nicole & Rand {The Governor Hotel}

Nicole — elegant, classy, simply beautiful. She did her own make-up (perfectly I might add). Her dog Sophie played around on the hotel room floor and her bridesmaids took turns holding the fan to Nicole to keep her cool on this very very hot day.

Rand — handsome, witty, a one of a kind gentleman. He asked me if the cumberbunds with suspenders were too much. Not. at. all. You rocked that tux, Rand. ROCKED IT.

Seeing Rand’s range of emotions as Nicole walked through that church doorway was incredible. You could see his breath taken away and a quiver come to his chin. But the moment Rand and Nicole’s eyes locked, his sparkle and smile came right back. It was beautiful. Nicole & Rand are absolutely beautiful.

Good luck in your adventures! And have fun with your upcoming move to Hawaii!


From the couple:

It was smooth, seemless and we felt as if photography was the one thing at our wedding we didn’t have to worry about getting messed up. The staff was very professional at all times, quick to respond with answers to questions/ concerns and we felt very well taken care of.

Sarah was amazing! She knew exactly what to do at all times, had the schedule in her head and kept us on task. She had done some research before hand that translated into an efficient experience that was fun the whole way through. She took phone calls at all hours, coordinated coffee meet ups at the last minute when we came to Portland for 24 hour whirlwind trips. She was super accommodating. Not to mention our actual picture taking experience was awesome. We squeezed in some extra locations, we got whole family pictures ad-hoc at the reception. She was so cued into our needs it all happened very naturally.

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