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Nhuha & Steve { Double Tree Hotel }

Nhuha and Steve’s wedding day started out with a beautiful traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. The couple served tea to both their parents and grandparents. There was a tender moment between Nhuha and her mom as they hugged and shed happy tears. After receiving their family’s love and blessings, they were ready to tie the knot. The way that Steve looked at Nhuha as she walked up the aisle was so loving and sweet. It was evident he had been waiting for that moment for a long time! The priest asked the congregation if they could guess how long the couple had been together. I was surprised to learn that hey had been together for over ten years. No wonder they were able to handle such a long day and still remained positive and supportive of each other throughout. Such a classy couple! Their longevity as a happy couple will continue into their old age. Thank you guys for sharing your special day with me!

Reception at the Double Tree Hotel.


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