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Excited to be featured today!

Our photographer asked us out of the blue if we would be interested in going out to do another engagement shoot. Why? Because the cherry blossoms were blooming and the weather was perfect. We couldn’t say no!


This shoot was much different than the one we did in the fall. For that first shoot we carefully planned the locations to be personal and private, included props, stressed on outfit choices, and shot for 2 hours. This time we went spur of the moment to probably the most popular place to be downtown Portland on a sunny day, with no ideas or expectations, and shot for 30 minutes! We got so many great shots at both shoots I really can’t recommend one way over the other!


We were a bit nervous when we realized how many people were around, assuming they would probably stare or laugh at us. But guess what? They don’t! They glance your way, smile, and carry on with their day. It was a great experience to have before the wedding day–seeing hundreds of people around you and having to let it go and have fun (a true Frozen moment :-P )


One of my favorite moments from the shoot was when we wanted to get the effect of cherry blossoms floating all around us. We planned for Alex to shake a tree branch above us and then looked to our photographer for guidance on how to pose. She said, “just do what you normally would!” Our response: “we wouldn’t normally shake a tree branch and sit in the petals!” After a good laugh we went for it and captured one of my favorite shots from the afternoon. We got a few others that were more posed which we love, but this one really captures our personalities. And now we know what we’d do naturally!

Highly encourage any couple to do an engagement shoot to get comfortable with not only their photographer, but being photographed and posed. Couples rarely have really quality non-iphone photos of themselves anymore and it is pretty spectacular to have them now framed in our home and shared with our family!

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