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Mollie & Kenny {Camas Meadows Golf Club}

I observe a lot of context when I shoot a wedding. Taking into consideration the way people acted towards Mollie and based on my conversations with her, she quite possibly could be the sweetest, nicest person of all time. She was beaming while getting ready for the wedding and it was an infectious beam as everyone else around her were feeling the same excitement. Kenny, a Fireman was used to the pressure and was playing it cool but those who knew him could tell he was a little excited. It turns out Mollie loves pink. Her shoes appropriately were hot pink and were awesome to photograph. The skies at Camas Meadows were perfect for the day. One of the decorations was a tandem bike complete with white and pink balloons, bottle of wine, basket of flowers and baguettes compliments of Mollies grandmother. The reception was awesome as Mollie’s uncle John ripped it up as the DJ. Any person that can play Beastie Boys and Talking Heads at a wedding reception is OK by me. To quote him, ”Like most of us here, this next song was made in the 80’s”. For those who don’t know, firefighters know how to get down so the dog pile on top of Kenny wasn’t a shock. No one got hurt and the only casualty of the day was the limo golf cart. Congrats to Mollie and Kenny!

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