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Mint & Shane {Mee San Eatery}

Cultural weddings are always the best. What I love most is the color and traditions. Mint and Shane’s wedding was no different. It started early with two factions. Quite simply, there was the Grooms side and the Brides side. Remember that one song by Pat Benatar about love being a battlefield? In a way this wedding was kind of like the title of the song. Shane and his supporters marched down the street to the strong hold of the Mee San Eatery on Mississippi. Located in this castle so to speak was Mint, humbly waiting for her suitor to come. Shane had to bargain his way past certain obstacles and questions and when he was triumphant, he was allowed in and was ready to get married. As one of Shane’s friends pointed out, he kind of look like some General walking in his uniform clad in gold fabric. Once inside, the celebration was ready to begin. The upstairs to the eatery was packed with friends and family. After the ceremony was underway, there was a long line waiting to give their blessings to the couple. That was definitely a testament to the character of the couple. After the ceremony was done, there was time for everyone to get together and share a meal. I don’t know if I wanted to ”share” the meal because it was that good. I started to look at my camera bag wondering if I could stuff some pad thai in one of the pockets for later. The wedding was reception was being held at the Portland City Grill. We decided to take some photos between here and there trying to make use of the break between the two events. Dodging rain drops and wind gusts we walked around the South Waterfront getting some gorgeous shots of the fall colors. The reception was so much fun. Mint’s cousins know how to get down. At one point I didn’t know if I was at a reception or the Asian version of Animal House. I could have swore was witnessing John Belushi incarnate as one of Mint’s cousins was rocking the dance floor. Oh man….that was awesome.

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