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Mike & Sarah { Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom }

If I were to describe Sarah and Mike’s wedding day in one word, it would be EPIC. It was wonderful being able to spend the whole day with them, from getting ready at The Nines in downtown, to a gorgeous Catholic ceremony at St. James in Vancouver, elegant reception at The Adriana Hill Grand Ballroom and ending with really fun night portraits downtown.

Sarah and Mike were in high spirits the whole day, and it was wonderful to see them enjoying themselves. I feel like the sheer spectacle of such weddings can occasionally overwhelm couples, but Sarah and Mike kept the whole thing grounded with heart.

I also have to hand it to the extremely talented motion artists from Moving Picture Weddings, who produced a very moving same day edit piece — a four minute short that was presented at the end of the reception. Family and guests were very moved seeing footage from that very day. I’d recommend a same day edit piece to any couple.

It’s shooting weddings like this, the wow factor balanced out by a great couple enjoying the day, that makes me love what I do.

Congratulations Sarah and Mike! It was an honor, and thank you for affording me your time, kindness and creative freedom to take photos for you. That’s the ”bingo, bango and bongo” that made the day a joy for me!

From the couple :-)

We were VERY happy with our overall Powers experience. We really liked Peter. He blended right in on our wedding day and we barely noticed he was there. He was also fun and helpful.

 Peter had SUCH a long day with us and never lost his enthusiasm or energy. When we told him the plan for his one-hour break, he said he would break as needed and always be available so as to not miss anything we might want photographed. He moved so quickly and was great to work with both individually with us and with our large group.

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