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Megan & Derik {Hotel Vintage Plaza}

Megan and Derik had a wine themed wedding. So of course, they held the ceremony in the very intimate wine cellar at the Hotel Vintage Plaza. Once they were married the party continued up stairs. There the ballroom was filled with grapes and corks and more grapes and corks…everywhere you looked. Megan and Derik splurged on a very decadent dessert bar that caught everyone’s eye early on but was only enjoyed when the time was appropriate. Megan and Derik had a chemistry that I have never seen before that made them so easy to work with. Thank you and Congratulations.

From the couple:

Outstanding! Laurel is always so sweet and wonderful to talk to. From our engagement photo’s to the actual wedding day, she was always there to help. One thing (out of many) that stood out about Laurel is that she memorized all of the names of the people in our families and wedding party so when the time came she knew who she was talkign to which made it feel so personal! She also really took the time to listen to Derik and I and captured the engagement and wedding photo’s just the way we would have wanted it done. Laurel and everyone at that office was and still is such a pleasure to work with.

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