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Maria & Scott

To paraphrase Maria’s brother in law, Jerry, weddings are fantastic because it brings two families together and you never know what’s going to happen. Well I know, Jerry. Awesomeness… awesomeness happens. It’s kind of funny how the universe works. I’m always intrigued by what circumstances people meet and how they get to wedding. Two people from two different places, at the same office one day get married. It just seems so highly improbable sometimes that happenstances work out like this. When it does though…it’s almost like magic. When I did their engagement session this past fall, we got to talking about how Scott got to Oregon. What happened to get him here? Maria happened…or at least that’s the answer we agreed upon. During the ceremony, Scott was so excited..I could just tell. He grabbed Maria’s hands and just kept moving, like his excitement couldn’t be contained. If he wasn’t in front of so many people I’m pretty sure Scott would have done a couple of fist bumps and high fives. I had a great time with the bridal party. Chad definitely kept it entertaining. Actually, both of Scott’s brothers were, um….well, entertaining for sure. I grew up in a house with all boys as well and all I have to say to my mom is, ”Sorry about that”. I’m sure Nancy was kept on her toes with her boys. Maria was so calm and collected it was amazing. I said, ”Hey let’s go over there” and her reply was always, ”OK”. She put up with me going from place to place and I thank her for that. I couldn’t help it. It was Vista Hills… I mean, the description is in the name, I couldn’t go wrong wherever I went. The rolling hills of vines at sunset are always breath taking and the couple took it all in stride. We got some great photos. I always tell my clients…that all that planning and it goes by so, so quickly. The next thing you know, I’m watching them fly by me in a tunnel of sparklers making their way to the getaway car. A door closes and they are off. Mr. and Mrs. Oulette!!

Wedding at Vista Hills Vineyards

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August 30, 2013 Comments (0) Vista Hills Vineyard

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