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Lolita & Kyle at Oregon Garden

I had such a great time at Lolita and Kyle’s engagement shoot out in the Columbia River Gorge. Their wedding day at The Oregon Garden Resort was equally gorgeous. Lolita looked incredible in her dress, and Kyle also looked amazing, wearing a traditional eagle feather headdress and vest the two of them made. We had an opportunity to drive to a few different spots around the resort, however the Wedding Garden itself made for an absolutely beautiful setting, with its tree line in the distance and blue skies above. These two have such a strong connection and are completely relaxed in each other’s company. They make such an incredible team. I’m so happy they are together. The day after their wedding, I saw an eagle flying overhead in my neighborhood. I texted Lolita that seeing the eagle made me think fondly of the both of them. Lolita said that an eagle is the highest form of messenger, and seeing one was both a blessing and thank you. I was so touched hearing that. Congratulations again to you both, it was such an honor and joy being there for you both on your wedding day!


October 8, 2018 Comments (0) Oregon Garden

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