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Liz and Ryan, Lakeside Gardens

Saturday Liz and Ryan were wed at Lakeside Gardens. These two kept the entire crowd laughing for most of the day! They were just hilarious people and kept a light-hearted feel to the whole day! It was beautiful! Liz and her two siblings performed a spontaneous, choreographed dance to “Beat it”, it was awesome! I love unforgettable moments like those at weddings! The guests definitely won’t be forgetting Liz and Ryan’s wedding! Awesome day guys! Thanks for all the laughs and an overall fabulous day! Best of luck to you both!

August 19, 2010 Comments (0) Lakeside Gardens

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  1. Lanette says:

    I love the pics, and I love my Brother and Sister (in-law)!! :) Congrats to you both!!

  2. Mar says:

    So beautiful!! What a lovely, happy, amazing day. Love you guys…

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