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Lisa & Sean

Lobsters. Lobsters are delicious. Lobsters are also, according to Phoebe from Friends, maters for life. They pick one other lobster as their partner and that’s it. They only walk claw and claw with one other. I get all my science from sitcoms, so far results are 50/50 but I feel really good about this hypothesis. I think Sean and Lisa are Lobsters. Not the delicious part but the soul mate, sole mate thing. They were put on this earth to find each other. It’s amazing to see two separate people share the same soul. Everyone could see it. I got the privilege to document their earth moving love on their wedding day and I am grateful. It is days like this and people like this that restore my faith in humanity. Quite simply Lisa and Sean are awesome. When the bride walks down and the groom and the officiant get choked up, that’s something special. When the parents and the grand parents get teary eyed when they read their vows, you know there’s something great happening. The Rock Springs Ranch in Bend was the perfect place to have their wedding. It was beautiful with beautiful weather. This was a celebration for sure and everyone was in it to win it. There was awesomeness in the beginning. Sprinkled some more awesomeness in the middle. Seasoned and topped off with some awesomeness at the end. Wow…it was such a great day as I’m sure Sean and Lisa can attest to. They had Lucky Penny at each seat during the reception. I don’t think Luck had anything to do with it, these two crustaceans were meant to grace each other with their presence, every day for the rest of their lives. Congrats to Sean and Lisa, Long Live Love!

Wedding at Rock Springs Ranch

August 2, 2013 Comments (4) Rock Springs Ranch

4 Responses to Lisa & Sean

  1. Carol Hyatt says:

    Your Comments
    Great pictures of two great subjects (or one if you like). I think every moment was captured as these two wound their way through the wedding activities.

    Thank you Powers.

  2. kristen grund says:

    I am the sister, maid of honor, and the wedding was awesome and you did a great job with capturing all the great moments for them. Way to go!

  3. Dawn Lazzaro says:

    Great pictures Sean & Lisa! Looks like you had fantastic weather. You both look terrific, and oh so happy!

  4. Suzanne Grund says:

    Seeing my daughter that happy on the day of her wedding was a Mom’s dream come true!
    These pictures captured Lisa & Sean’s excitement, anticipation, pure joy, love for each other and hope for their future together. It was a perfect day and seeing these pictures rekindled the pleasure I experienced on the day of their wedding…

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