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Laura & Tommy

Every time. Every single time! Whenever a bride chooses to not stress and to just make the best of it, things always turn out amazingly. Laura was no different. It was POURING the day of her wedding. Stormy, windy, up on top of a hill at a beautiful venue and it was dark and raining. Some would have cried, some would have freaked out, but in comes Laura from her limo (which was a surprise gift from her awesome bridesmaids by the way!) and Laura was as happy as could be!! She hadn’t even thought about the rain or what it might mean for her day. It was business as usual. And you know what, the weather followed suit with her attitude because that storm passed and the sun came out in full force just as soon as she was dressed and ready for photos with her soon-to-be hubby, Tommy. Aaaaaaaamazing.

The entire day was one perfect thing after another. Can you say good karma for good people? Ya, Laura and Tommy are just that type of couple that give out so much love and care that they just pull it all right back in. They’re amazing. Couldn’t be happier for them both! Congratulations!

Wedding at Long Farm Barn

July 18, 2014 Comments (0) Long Farm Barn

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