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Laura & Rod

Laura and Rod sure picked a MEMORABLE day to get married! Thursday, February 6th. I’ll never forget it. It was the day the snow storm hit Portland and the city shut down. ;) No? Okay, well it sure seemed to shut down. But nothing would keep us from being there to capture their nuptials.

Laura is a part of the Moving Picture Weddings team and we ADORE her! Being in the wedding industry herself, she knew what she wanted and she kept it simple. It was a small, family affair with just a handful of guests (including their growing baby boy in Laura’s tummy, due this summer!!! Woo!!!!).

And just to be absolutely sure they remembered their crazy, snow-filled wedding day, we brought them outside for some night time shots among the flurries. With the wind whipping around and snow up past their ankles, they still managed to look like they were cozied up on a beach somewhere. Aw, newlyweds. ;) Love you guys! xo!

Wedding at Mingo

February 22, 2014 Comments (0) Mingo Restaurant

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