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Laura & Nick {Lake Huron, Michigan}

Any wedding that includes Balls of Flame, a Sword and Square Dancing automatically is in the running for the best wedding ever award, the ”Guapo”. It may be unfair but having a wedding outside the immediate proximity of Portland adds considerable points to your chances. Meeting with Nick and Laura, I knew that their wedding was going to be an awesome affair. A. We were starting at a house that looked like a castle. B. Their ceremony was at a beautiful Catholic Church. C. Their reception was to be held in a campground which had a beach, a great hall, a goat and some chickens. What else do you need? Oh right a sword to cut the cake with. Mission complete. I had such a great time documenting this momentous occasion for Nick, Laura and their families. All the guests were so kind and so happy for the couple. I think Nick’s mom rang the ”kiss” bell like a hundred times. Up to the day of the wedding, the forecast was undesirable but waking up that morning to blue skies and no rain was a relief. Even though the competition for the Guapo is intense, I like Nick and Laura’s chances. Congrats!!!


From the couple:

You can tell photography is Mike’s passion by the way his entire demeanor changes when he starts talking about it.  We loved how excited he got planning potential shots for our wedding and the preview pictures are phenomenal – so we can’t wait to see more! We’re pretty sure Mike went beyond our allotted time (and his allotted baggage limits) in order to explore each and every one of our location’s shooting opportunities, and we really appreciate the results that came out of his dedication.

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