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Larry & Melissa { Waterfront }

I remember when I was a kid growing up in the south, I got the opportunity to go to the Worlds Fair. I remember taking my little brown Kodak 110 and shooting like there was no tomorrow, I mean…as much as there was no tomorrow for an 8 year old. I remember thinking that the fair was so big, with it’s humongous Ferris Wheels and swings in the sky. A couple of years ago after dusting off an old photo album and seeing some of my very first photographs, I got an idea. I wanted to do an Engagement Session at the fair and quite frankly, Portland’s Rose Festival was the perfect time and place to do it. After years of trying, Larry and Melissa agreed to do their session there. I was elated. We started at VooDoo Donuts just to get a couple warm up shots and proceeded down to the festival. We walked and walked…and couldn’t find an entrance. It was funny but in a kind of Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown at the last second kind of way. As we walked, under the drizzling sky we talked about what to do and tried to figure out places to go. Larry and Melissa tried their hand at skee ball. Their real skill was apparently at the darts. As we walked away with their winnings, we decided to go to the Ferris Wheel. Talking about carnival rides and how a lot of them were a death trap, we limited our riding to the big wheel and even then, there were some sketchy moments. After the Dare Develing at the fair we finished up on the East Bank with the Festival and the city behind them. I truly appreciated Larry and Melissa’s willingness to accommodate my crazy ideas. If this is how the Engagement Session went, I can’t wait for the wedding day!

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