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Lama & Joe {Portland Rose Garden Arena}

Joe and Lama have one of the most romantic stories I’ve come across. Joe met Lama while attending a family friend’s wedding in Syria. There was immediate chemistry between the two of them, and they grew even closer as they stayed in touch from across the ocean. Joe proposed, and earlier this summer Lama came to Oregon, embarking on an amazing adventure having never left her native country before. Seeing the excitement on her face throughout the day was a joy.

Their wedding was awesome, full of color, music and energy. It was so fun to be part of. Throughout the day, it was so clear to me how much Joe loves Lama. It may sound cliche given how many weddings we shoot, but witnessing this bond stands apart in my mind. He absolutely treasures her, and his adoration showed in his every move. It was humbling to see, and I was honored to be the one to help capture those glances and moments.

Congratulations Joe and Lama!

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