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Laini & Rashid {The World Trade Center}

The first time I met Rashid and Laini was for their Engagement Session and I could tell two things right away because I’m a photographer and an FBI profiler on the side. All jokes aside I could tell immediately that one, they had an amazing chemistry together and two, they were very much in love. During the session I also found out that Rashid loved kissing Laini so I threw in a couple more shots of that, you know, to get the lighting right, wink, wink. When the wedding day arrived I made my way to the amazing Nines Hotel where they were getting ready. The Nines presents a problem to some photographers as it’s awesome surroundings causes some photographers to go into a shooters A.D.D episode. It’s almost as if you can turn around blind folded and just point and there would be a great shot. After taking full advantage of the hotel, we made a quick jaunt to Burnside and then we where on our way to the World Trade Center. Photographing the guys I knew it was a super fun group. Laughter was non-stop and I could only imagine what was on the video from Vegas but judging by the reaction from the guys as they stared into that cell phone, it was pretty hilarious. After the ceremony and formals the party was about to get kicked off properly. The wedding party and families were definitely making an entrance when they were escorted down the long walkway by two very energetic belly dancers. It set the tone perfectly for the rest of the evening. I can say that the dance floor was rarely empty and I for one needed some extra sips of water to keep up with the group. In the end, it was a great night and I wish the best of luck to Rashid, Laini and Samantha on their new family!

August 18, 2011 Comments (0) Nines, World Trade Center

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