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Kristin & Anthony

Adventure. I think most of us seek out adventure of some sort. Some of us seek adventures outdoors, under the canopy of a million stars or a million clouds. Some seek adventure in the concrete jungle under a million street lamps. Some seek adventure the day after Thanksgiving under a million deals. Whatever type of adventure you seek, sometimes it’s seeking adventure while in the company of your best. When I say best I mean your best friend, your best love, your best human. That person who makes the adventure worth having. To Kristin, that person is Anthony and for Anthony that person is Kristin. They both decided to go on the grandest of adventures, marriage. In true PNW fashion, their wedding day in October was a little…..humid maybe? When I say humid, weather people say atmospheric river. In my opinion it was almost appropriate to have a little rain on Anthony and Kristin’s wedding day. When I say a little rain, what I really mean was that it was like I and all the guests were walking around in a white water rapid. I’ve been in some rain in my 14 years in this business but this was on a whole different level. This was Noah like. It was a white squall. The reason I say this was appropriate was because Kristin and Anthony did what they always do, turn the day into a fun adventure. Their wedding day was to take place at the beautiful rustic Adeline Farms in WA. The couple was all smiles that day as well as their wedding party. Friends and family came in from across the country to partake in their wedding. They were not going to let a little liquid sunshine ruin the party. So there they were, walking around in clear umbrellas into the ceremony. In a way…it kind of looked like the bridal party were looking out the glass top of a submarine. Yes…it was that wet. As each groomsmen and bridesmaid made their way up to the big oak tree for the big show, they danced a little jig in true Anthony and Kristin friend fashion. Again, these guys weren’t going to let anything get them down. Hailey and Libby did an awesome job officiating the ceremony. Surprise! It was fun and light and full of love. Seems like that’s an ongoing theme with this crew. Despite water coming down torrentially, Anthony and Kristin said “yes” to killing spiders, navigating and driving, control over patagonia and fishing equipment purchases and of course to being eachother’s plus one forever and ever sealed with a happy kiss. The celebration continued at the beautiful red barn. It was fun to hear the stories that the toasts brought forth. DJ/Guitar Player Kevin killed it. I’ve heard a lot of DJ’s and Kevin’s got “it”. Kristin and Anthony danced and laughed and danced and laughed. Man….sometimes you get the good one and sometimes you get the perfect one. Thanks to Kristin and Anthony for having me at the latter. Much thanks to the woman behind the scenes that all the cogs rolling that day, Muriel you are the best and your venue is spectacular I can’t wait to get there again. Congrats to the newly minted Schaeffer Adventure Team!

November 16, 2017 Comments (0) Adeline Farms

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