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Kristen & Neil {The Foundry at Oswego Pointe}

There are those who are joyful. Then there are those who are so happy and joyful that it infects your own mood making your day a little brighter. It’s easy to see why Neil and Kristen are together. They are a joyful force not seen anywhere else in the universe. If they were space travelers they could make Pluto turn into Florida. Weather is always a factor in the Northwest. On wedding days, they are a very big factor and I’ve photographed many weddings where the bride, the groom and I are checking satellites and doing sun dances to stave off impending liquid sunshine. On this particular Saturday, I definitely dusted off my sun dance boots. It actually turned out pretty nice with sunshine and not of the liquid variety. Starting with Neil’s family it was apparent early that I had some jokesters on my hands. I still don’t know what Vinnie was doing behind me but tears and laughter made the session quite enjoyable. The ceremony opened up with Neil’s niece Taylor singing a beautiful song which definitely went along with the theme of the day. Tears of joy were dropped, laughter was heard and a new immediate family of three was formed. The reception was lively as the formal photos. I’m sure a lot of sore legs were felt Monday morning. I ended the night with Neil and Kristen on the waterfront on a beautiful, clear crisp night. Taking photos on a night like that….could it get any better? Yes it could have, but I didn’t have time to stop for cookies….but it was still pretty great.

From the Bride :-)
We had the best experience! Powers exceeded my expectations and not only did we get incredible photos, we made some great friends also. They definitely deliver what is promised.

Michael was fantastic. He was calm and innovative and we were so grateful that he was willing to meet with us the several times he did. When wedding day came, he gave us exactly what we wanted.

Powers exceeded our expectations in every way. We had the BEST experience!!!!! We feel they are exceptional as is. Michael took the time to follow us to our hotel after the wedding so we could get different backgrounds. It was a bit of a drive and I know it was in the opposite direction of his home. We are so grateful for his willingness to work with us. In additon, In trying to be helpful, dropped one of his flasher things and he didn’t even blink. He was very gracious. We love his style!!

October 10, 2011 Comments (0) Foundry at Oswego Pointe

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  1. What a perfect couple to share time with. The location, weather, food and time was awesome. The photographer did a superb job! Congratulations Kristen and Neil.

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