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Kristen & Michael at Mt. Hood Skibowl

The first detail I noticed upon arriving at Mt. Hood Skibowl was seeing the thousand small origami cranes Kristen and her mother helped fold for the wedding day. A Japanese wedding tradition, it was once the bride’s sole responsibility to fold 1,000 cranes as a symbolic display of commitment to their marriage. Fortunately, in modern times the crane folding task is often shared by the couple, family, and friends. To me, it’s a beautiful act to show that everyone is dedicated to the relationship, the success and most importantly, the happiness of the couple. Michael had his own equally impressive gesture. For the wedding, he and several close friends bicycled from Seattle all the way down to Portland for the wedding. On his handlebars, the whole way was one of the origami cranes. The weather at Skibowl for the day was perfect, and Mt. Hood was out in its full glory to provide a truly breathtaking backdrop for the wedding ceremony outside the warming hut at the lower bowl. Some of my favorite images of the day were photos of Kristen and Michael at the very top of Skibowl — the upper bowl, looking out upon the mountain and countryside far below. Kristen and Michael have an incredible bond and a deep respect for one another, it’s inspiring. Beyond the both of them, their families are incredibly warm, kind, and genuinely fun loving individuals. Seeing Michael’s sister officiate the ceremony was perfect. Congratulations once again to you both!



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