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Kristen & Eric {McMinnville Grand Ballroom}

Kristen and Eric have been etched into my heart as the most adorable couple ever since the moment we met. Their connection is an exuberant display of the friendship they have cultivated over many years. Their wedding day was a true celebration of their love for each other, filled with community, family, and devotion. It was an absolutely beautiful day at Linfield College, the campus where they began their life-long friendship. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing the moments that revealed their commitment, and the delight in sharing their vows with family and friends.

On a super-fun note, Kristen and Eric are SUPER FUN! Their energy and laughter was absolutely contagious. And, how can you not have fun with a little Disney sprinkled in? That’s right, Eric is a Disney super-fan! In addition to all the wonderfully exciting wedding traditions, we got to spend the day on the search for the ”hidden Mickey”! That three-circle shape that comprises the silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse was subtly placed in the decor throughout the reception at the McMinnville Grand Ballroom. But we managed to find a few more Mickey’s throughout the day, including in a bride’s maid’s hair-do and Eric’s boutonnière. It was a spirited game coordinated by Kristen and Eric, and the guests loved it!

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