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Kellery & Jack at Zenith Vineyard

When I think of Kellery and Jack as a couple, I can’t help but smile. My favorite memory from our time spent together is actually from their engagement shoot last September. They brought a chalkboard sign to the Eastbank Esplanade along with a bright orange lifesaver ring. The goal was to toss both into the water so we could take a “Save the Date” photo. They kept tossing the lifesaver in, but the current kept pushing things back toward the dock. A long time photographer colleague and friend of mine also happened to be doing a photo shoot on the dock just a few paces away from us. She was trying to capture these beautiful, serious and emotive portraits, and here were Kellery, Jack, and I just a few feet away laughing our heads off, goofing around and trying to throw this orange floaty into the river. I loved it.  Their wedding day at Zenith Vineyard was stunning, their friends and family genuinely happy and good people, the flowers and colors were beautiful, and there were temporary tattoos on hand for guests of Kellery and Jack together. They are so right for one another, completely relaxed in each others company, caring, supportive, and never taking things too seriously — an attribute I can attest that will take them far in life. Kellery  and Jack – please keep smiling, keep laughing… keep inspiring others to do the same. My very best wishes and congratulations to you both!



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