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Keara & Jason { McMenamins Cornelius Pass }

It’s funny sometimes how we as photographers have so much in common with our clients. Keara and Jason are just those people for me. They live in Los Angeles. I used to live in Los Angeles. They’ve been on the Price is Right. I’ve always wanted to be on the Price is Right. Their song choices for the reception was impeccable. I strive to have impeccable song choices at all times. Jason made sure that Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys was played that night. That song is my ring tone. I could go on and on but quite frankly, you the reader would probably get bored or become suspicious that I may be lying because who has that much in common, really. Since they live in LA, it was hard for us to meet in person so we decided to do what people do in this golden age of technology, we Skyped. The funny thing about Skype is that you have to angle the camera just right or it always seems like you are looking in the wrong direction. So..during our meetings it seemed like I was always looking down and slightly to the left. The day of the wedding was awesome. The weather totally cooperated even though weathermen around the city decided it was going to rain. It was cloudy and cool which was a relief to these heated Angelino’s. There was a super adorable moment before the first look. As Keara was walking down to meet Jason, his son JT popped up along the path and had the biggest smile on his face as he saw Keara. It was endearing and an instant insight on how JT felt about her. Although, Jason could have given JT a run for his money in the smiles department as he turned around to see his bride for the first time. After a couple of photos, we went inside the Octagonal Barn to sign the Catubah. I learned that the Catubah was a marriage contract that was designed to give women a more equal say in the family. Thanks Rabbi, I totally didn’t know that. The Catubah was probably the coolest I’ve seen. It was printed on colorful paper but had a stencil over it representing all the important places in Keara and Jason’s lives together. After they signed the contract, the ceremony was set to begin. Plenty of laughs and smiles and Jason crushed the wine glass, some Mazoltoffs were shouted and it was off to the party. The reception was awesome and included the Horah, where the bride and groom were catapulted in the atmosphere like they just didn’t care. Another twist was that both mothers also hopped on the Horah roller coaster because it was their last children to get married. Lesson #2 of the day. All in all, it was a perfect day and to send me off perfectly, Intergalactic blasted over the speakers and Jason started doing the robot. That my friends is how you do a wedding right!

Wedding held at McMenamins Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.


From the couple :-)

We LOVED working with powers. everything was so easy starting from the original appointment. There was always someone available to answer questions and take care of things for us, and everyone is so nice. we also loved our photographer!

Working with Mike was a dream. We live in california and weren’t able to meet in person before the wedding, so we had several skype sessions. those can often be tricky because it’s difficult to really get to know someone through the screen- but we got along with Mike from the get go. We had a lot in common and had a great working relationship. he helped calm me down while the wedding craziness escalated, and he took amazing photos.

 Several of my family members got the stomach flu during the wedding and were in and out of pictures- it was crazy. i was getting very stressed that my family was not cooperating since they wouldn’t tell me about the flu- and Mike did a great job calming us down and making sure he got great shots. when everything else was a little crazy, mike was like a supportive friend making sure everything went right. he even offered to help bustle my dress, and was always making sure Jason and I looked our best. we can’t wait to work with Mike again for family photos.

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