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Julie & Dat

Dat and Julie are such a wonderful, fun, and genuine couple. Their ceremony was traditional Cambodian mixed with a Vietnamese/ Chinese Tea Ceremony as well. It was colorful, eventful, and kept everyone smiling and laughing. And Julie rocked all 4 of her outfits!

The World Trade Center was decked with style, including a fantastic wedding cake, beautiful flowers, and a super fun photobooth. Dat and Julie’s friends and family were an absolute blast to be around and photograph. Also: BEST. BREAKDANCING. EVER.


From the couple:

Love the responsiveness and friendliness as well as some of the helpful literature available online. 

Alison was great and reached out to us if a long time lapsed without hearing from us.  Also she did a great job accomodating our needs when we needed to meet in person. Alison was down to earth and professional.  She made us feel important and listened to our needs as well as actively gave lots of good feedback and advice.  She also gave us some very helpful tips concerning photobooths which is above and beyond!

October 15, 2013 Comments (0) World Trade Center

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