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Jay & Katie

Katie and Jay used to be adventurers like you, but then they took an arrow to the knee. Actually no, that’s not true, like the best tag lines from countless video games and franchises — their adventure is just beginning, and I couldn’t be more happy for them. If you couldn’t already tell, these two like gaming, they like comic books. I also enjoy gaming and comic books. So when they describe their relationship as a ranged and tank class character pairing, I get it, and it warms my nerdy heart of hearts. The bridesmaids “bouquets” for the day were stacks of their favorite books. There were Mega Man cuff links. A Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis themed cake — with the controller chords forming a heart. Party favors were jars of lego… Katie quoted Martian Manhunter during her vows. And the light up anime trees for the ceremony! Aaah! I could go on and on. I am so so happy to have been the one paired with these two. These are my peeps.

Beyond the theme and decor, one of my favorite moments from the day was Katie and Jay’s first look. They chose to step out with their eyes covered by their maid of honor and best man. On the count of three, eyes were uncovered, followed by much cheering. Just look at the smile on Jay’s face. That says it all. Also, even though the rain was off an on, we were able to dash a few blocks down the street to take photos at the Teachers Fountain in Directors Park — it’s where they shared their first kiss.

These two are partners, they compliment each other, balance one another. They are best friends. I know that together, they’ll be able to take on any fetch quest, escort mission, or epic boss fight that comes their way. Congratulations you two!

October 29, 2016 Comments (0) West End Ballroom

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