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Jared & Michelle { The Abernethy Center }

Don’t let her exterior fool you, Michelle Gomes/Fisher knows how to get down. That woman and her family pulled out some pretty epic dance moves. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people bust out some Bollywood Moves before but it was definitely on display. Let’s back up a little. Back in the Spring, Jared, Michelle and I collaborated on their Engagement Session. Back then I said that in the mist of an apocalypse, Jared and Michelle would be good to know since they were both doctors. I think that even more so because now, I know that even if the world was coming to a close, with them we would still be able to have a good time. It was an international affair as there were some people from Cincinnati, India, California and of course as someone so boldly stated out loud, Oregon. Jared and Michelle was dropping little jokes all day that had me giggling (grown men are allowed to giggle, right?). They were so easy going and Michelle kept her spirits up even as an unruly swath of hair tried it’s hardest to bring her down. I teamed up with Marc from Moving Picture Weddings for some epic videography and Shawn from Event Team for some epic dancing. Speaking of dancing, while Shawn was busy dropping beats, Francis, Michelle’s father was busy dropping hammers on the dance floor. Just like Michelle, don’t let his demeanor fool you. As soon as he heard a bass beat he liked, he lit the dance floor on fire. And yes…he didn’t need no water, he just let that dance floor burn. Much thanks to Michelle and Jared for their hospitality on their wedding day. Congrats!

Wedding at The Abernethy Center.

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