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Jami & Kyle { Mount Hood Bed & Breakfast }

Wow, talk about a gorgeous day at Mt. Hood Bed and Breakfast for Jami and Kyle’s wedding. The mountain was out in all its glory, everyone was in high spirits, and the music was excellent.

We had the good fortune of having a very clear evening, so we pulled off some stellar (get it, stellar?) night shots just before calling it good.

Congratulations again Jami and Kyle!

From the couple :-)

We absolutely loved working with Powers! This portion of our wedding we never once stressed about as we knew they were professionals and our trust in them to get the job done. The match up with our photographer was the perfect fit for us, they really know what they are doing. They were always there for us with any questions we had. Often times questions in which didn’t even regard the photography aspect but rather the logistics of how everything would come together! They made our day so memorable and picture perfect!

We loved our Photographer Peter! He really understood the look we were going for and loved every minute of what he was doing.  All of our guests commented on how hard he worked capturing every minute of our day! He never once sat down, which for me shows how hard he works and how passionate about his job. He also came into the day knowing what types of shots he wanted to get and when depending on lighting, showed he really did his research and his knowledge of photography. One thing that really stood out to us was that after we finished our night shot pictures, he called us back for more after his excitement in finding the Milky Way Galaxy. It took some more work positioning everything correctly but he really wanted to give us a picture so special and rare to always look back on. He truly went above and beyond to capture every moment of our special day!

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