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Holly & Jeff { The World Trade Center }

I really enjoyed working with Holly and Jeff, they are so much fun and totally laid back.

As far as venues go, the World Trade Center in downtown Portland has some of THE best natural light I’ve ever worked with for shooting their reception. Seriously, it feels like the whole room is glass, it is wonderful.

As part of the dinner program, Holly and Jeff handed out fun, goofy award prizes to recognize certain guests, like those who traveled the farthest to be there etc. It was a fun, great way for them to say thanks to their family and friends for making the effort. It also made for fun, colorful times on the dance floor later with the giant sunglasses, fake flower leis and straw hats making a reappearance.

We had to compete with the bands playing across the street for the Rose Festival, but everyone was great about it, and it didn’t effect the party in the least. What it did do though, was close down that stretch of Naito Parkway, which allowed us to take some really fun shots in the roadway, both during the day and after dark. Have I mentioned I love doing backlit night time shots?

Congratulations again Holly and Jeff!

From the couple :-) 

We have nothing to say except Thank you! The Powers experience was amazing from start to finish. We felt like Powers cared about us personally, even when we know that Powers has MANY weddings every weekend. So a big thank you to everyone who helped us especially Erin Cope and our photographer, Peter.

Peter was an absolute pleasure to work with. We could tell that he truly enjoyed his job and that he cared about how the photos turned out. He was obviously very creative and artistic. 
We were unable to meet with Peter before the wedding since we live in Arizona. He encouraged us to meet with him in person a couple days before the wedding instead of just emailing our preferences. He came to us downtown where we were running other wedding errands. It was much easier than having to go where he was across town. At the wedding he did everything we asked for and more, and we couldn’t be more appreciative.

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