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Glenda & Ben {Vista Hills Vineyard}

Glenda and Ben are from Chicago and planned to have their ceremony and reception outside at the always beautiful Vista Hills Vineyard. With the morning showers the day of the wedding they decided to move the reception into the barrel room but take their chances on the ceremony. Quoting the bride ” I will get married in the rain if I have too, I chose this place for the setting.” Luckily she did not have to get married in the rain, it held off and the lighting was perfect! Congrats Ben and Glenda it was a great night!

From the couple :-)

Great experience. I loved Laurel and thought she was perfect. Laurel made the day go great. She was easy to talk to, easy to understand, she was everywhere yet you did not see her, and that was great. She was friendly and all around wonderful. She was absolutely amazing and executed her job perfectly. Not obstructive, or obtrusive in the day at all.

October 15, 2011 Comments (0) Vista Hills Vineyard

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