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Garrick & Julie { Langdon Farms }

A rainy day didn’t stop Julie and Garrick from having an amazing wedding. They got married outdoors under a tent at Langdon Farms, in front of their grandparents old red door. They later had guests sign the door instead of a guestbook. Julie and Garrick really took their time talking with and greeting every guest. This wedding was all about celebrating and having a good time with friends and family.

From the couple :-)
Great experience! Your system for matching couples with a photographer well suited for their preferred taste is wonderful!

Jennifer was AWESOME! It rained on our wedding day and she didn’t even batt an eyelash about the change in plan. She went with the flow and was non-stop. Great at dealing with a lot of people going in different directions.

July 25, 2012 Comments (0) Langdon Farms

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