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Farrah & Matt

Ok. So I’ve decided to let you the reader in on what actually goes through the photographers mind VERBATIM during a wedding. 3….2….1…Go. Wow…it’s kind of hot today…did I remember deoderant? Yes…wait, no…wait, what’s that smell….ewwww. (At this point, a photographer will check his/her gear about a billion times). The Aerie, I love the Aerie….remember that one time with the sun and the thing and the Sunset….super pumped. Camera check. Wait…..oh yeah…camera is there. Farrah and Matt’s wedding is totally going to be the bomb dot com. Dude….really, you chose that phrase to describe the wedding? Shut up other side of the brain…that’s my tag line, brugh. Wait, where’s my camera?!!! Oh right….in the back seat….nobody broke into my moving car and stole it while I was driving….good thing I checked. Traditional pre-wedding stop at 7-11…..check. If soda was a person I’d totally ask it out to like coffee or some other drink themed place….you know to make it comfy. Camera…….check! (Here comes randomness). Why the hell does Siri always tells me where the closest Starbucks is when I ask for directions? I wonder who came up with “blowing it up” when giving knucks…I mean…blowing stuff up in close proximity is totes a fire hazard. OK…early to the venue as per usual….better make sure to do my pre-wedding stretch routine…gotta be limber…..in case there’s a limbo at the reception. It’s going down!!! I’m yelling LIMBER!!!!!…….totally should write songs on the side. Camera??!! Whew…still go it. Farrah is in the brides suite..time to check in. Don’t knock too crazy…..That dress! Ohhhh, that dress! Punch me in the eyeballs, that’s such a fun dress!! The dress photos are going to be great. Let’s check in with the guys. Matt is still tall and hmmmm something tells me that the other two tall dudes here are somehow related. Yup. I can see who the real characters are in this room….pretty much everybody especially that dude without a tux…Eric, keep an eye on that guy. Well, the guy photos were fun…now it’s time to get prepped for the ceremony. Oh…well, well….looks like Matt has a little “dust” in his eyes….it’s kind of awesome when you don’t do a “First Look” and the groom has this type of reaction. OK…vows are done….rings are on…a little trouble with Matt’s ring, always happens…and now the kiss….excellent. Wow, the ceremony was really good…Matt and Farrah are beaming. Good stuff….and now to knock out some family portraits. Done and now for some fun Bridal Party photos. These cats really know how to have fun. Some of the sunset stuff with Farrah was awesome. Camera Check…..yes…nobody zoinked it out of my hands when I was using it. Still loving that dress. Everyone is being so nice. I love it when everyone is happy for the couple, makes a great wedding. Great, DJ RPM from Paradox…going to be a great celebration. Camera check! Still have it. Nobody pried it from my cold dead hands. Wait, where’s my camera! Oh right….put it down by my bag. That was close. (Fast forward past toasts) Man…the toasts were really good. Kyle brought props…..that Matt bought. Hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom inadvertently buy the props by which he was going to get roasted by. Megan winged it huh….I give it an A. Alright…let’s do some night shots. Money. Money. (While looking at one of the shots) Ohhhhhhh……Matt and Farrah brought the heat, that last one was the hammer. Wow…did the DJ just drop PYT by Michael Jackson….IN. Credi…..(wait for it) Ble. Sparkler exits, my favorite! OK….do not forget to do the safety speech. OK! Here they come……running, into Matt’s car…vroom, vroom and they are off. That’s a wrap….where’s my camera??!!

Wedding at The Aerie at Eagle Landing

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