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Evon & James {Bonneville Hot Springs Resort}

I don’t think I’ve heard any relationship the resulted in marriage get started by a prank. Many moons ago, Dave a friend of James had a thought. At the time, James was living in Alaska and while Alaska is a land of bounty for wildlife and adventure one thing the state is lacking of is women. Knowing this and meeting Evon, Dave decided to take action. Dave calls James and tells him to call him back on a different number because his phone is having problems. What happens next is something out of a Disney Family Movie of the week. The number he gave James was Evon’s number. A 5 hour conversation later, this marriage was officially on the clock. One wrinkle that we had to deal with on the wedding day was that Evon dislocated her knee a couple of weeks before the big day. James stepped up and carried his bride wherever we went. Evon was a trooper though, every time I asked if she could make it, she happily and eagerly said yes. It was great day and at the end of the night, we got some really killer night shots. It was great day, the speeches during the reception were funny and heart felt even though Rich’s speech will not be endorsed by AARP anytime soon. Thank you Evon and James, it was a privilege to be able to be apart of your wedding!

From the Bride :-)
Erin was great with communications. Our photographer was great! He got together with us the day before and went over our thoughts and ideas on what we were looking for. He went above and beyond our expectations and kept great communications. From the few photos we have, they look great!
I was on crutches for the wedding and he was very patient and calm. He helped in every way possible way to make a not so great expereince a wonderful one. He was very open to our ideas, we wanted some “traditional” photos, but then wanted some fun, casual shots. I hope he captured it. He also stayed to take night photos of us and I am HOPING they turned out. He was very open to ideas and had a great personality too…thanks Mike

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