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Erin & JJ { The Oregon Golf Club }

Erin & JJ are fun-loving and high-spirited individuals. When I walked in, it was apparent right away that they had found friends similar to themselves, which made for a fun and eventful day. (Cough cough, Juan!) I can’t recall the last time I had that much fun with wedding party photos.

The reception decor was absolutely perfect and I was blown away by those FLORALS! Many thanks to Zest Floral for the impressive designs! Gorgeous!

Have a great honeymoon you two!

And JJ, down the road, don’t forget to tell your wife — that she is not only beautiful, but intelligent and athletic too. ;)

Wedding at The Oregon Golf Club.

From the couple :-)

My overall experience was fantastic – no complaints at all.

Sara was delightful to work with, a total blast and very creative. She dealt with quite a spirited bunch in our group and had fun with it, we would absolutely recommend her to others.

 As stated above, Sara was a rockstar both as a photographer and a person involved in our entire wedding process. She was fantastic to work with and all parties involved had a blast. Her images were fantastic and she was patient and enthusiastic. Overall great.

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