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Erik & Tamara

A bouquet made from flowers found on the side of the road, bound in electrical tape. Witnesses — two strangers you chatted up at the pub a short while earlier. The beach, sand dunes, water and the open sky. What makes a wedding? Now that is a question the couple, and only them, can answer. For Tamara and Erik, their beautiful elopement in Pacific City was – in one word – perfect. They were all smiles, and the photos look amazing. It was so awesome being there to capture it for them. They are still on an epic camping road trip down the west coast, but in time they’ll hold a big reception for their friends and family back in Alberta. Once there, they’ll be able to share photos of this spectacular day with their loved ones.

Reception at The Pelican Pub and Brewery

August 26, 2015 Comments (0) Pelican Pub and Brewery

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