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Emily & Peter

There are few things in this business that surprise me. When you spend a lot of time in the wedding industry, you have probably seen everything. There is one place that always seems to peak my interest. The Belle Victorian is such a cool place. It’s almost like a more authentic McMenamins. There’s always something to discover there…something always to see. In a way, I kind of feel the same way about Emily and Peter. Living in California…we didn’t get to meet face to face like my traditional couples. Instead we conversed on the phone a couple of times. There’s always a feeling out point on the day of the wedding yet…on their day, I felt instantly in the “Friend Zone”. It was such an easy vibe going on at the Victorian Belle. It was great getting to know family and friends as they assisted Emily in getting ready. I don’t know if they were “helping” but Peter’s sisters and their families where definitely keeping Peter company as he was readying himself for the big day. Time seems to fly by on wedding days. Before you knew it, Emily was adorned in a beautiful dress and was ready to see her groom for the first time. The look of blissful surprise on Peter’s was was an awesome sight. Just like that….the wedding day was starting. We were lucky enough to take family photos during an awesome time of day. When we got to the couple photos, Peter and Emily were bathed in beautiful sunlight. Moving on to the beautiful ceremony in the gazebo…the flower set up was amazing. The officient was quick and precise and even had Emily and Peter using their imagination. Just like that, Mr. and Mrs. H were brand new. The caterers and planners at the Victorian Belle are always top notch and the food, decorations were flawless. The real treat came towards the end of the night when Emily, Peter and I were able to step away and take a little photo break. We took some photos around the property but the big pay off was yet to come. Talking to Emily on the phone…she really wanted photos at a North Portland Icon. The photos by the Paul Bunyan statue off Interstate definitely brought a little flavor to the night. We continued on in the neighborhood where Emily used to call home. Our last stop was at the MAX stop. It was such a blast documenting Emily and Peter’s big day.

Wedding at Victorian Belle

October 6, 2016 Comments (0) Victorian Belle

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