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Emilee & Liam { The West End Ballroom }

Christmas is such a cool time of year. The spirit of the holidays, for the most part is awesome. I thought it was fitting for Emilee and Liam to have their wedding right after the big day. They wanted a elegant, simple, fun night with friends and family and that’s exactly what they got. I guess they were good this year, yuck yuck. All kidding aside, it was a great affair. To start off I met the couple at the very appropriate Hotel Deluxe. I felt that our starting place and our ultimate destination, The West End Theater, fit the couple to a tee. We got some quick shots around the hotel and shot on over to the West End where we finished up. Growing up I secretly wanted a lot of siblings. The reason was that I figured that the more siblings you had there was a greater chance of actually liking a couple. Emilee had 5 siblings and they were all so happy and ready to get the party started. The ceremony, officiated by Liam’s brother Robert was short and sweet and we were off. A couple more family photos and such and it was time to get down. Again, Liam and Emilee had a knack for picking things for their wedding that was so spot on. They picked a three piece band that was so perfectly them it was amazing. Music was great, food was great, couple was great, shots were great. Robert had me and the crowd rolling with his toast to the couple. Apparently his siblings have a propensity for super slow car accidents. I really didn’t know that an impact of 4 mph was considered an accident but I guess you learn something new every day. Usually, there is something said about how the bride planned the whole affair but this wedding had a twist. Liam took the reigns and planned the whole spectacular affair. It was such a great night and I am thankful that I was able to document it. What more could I ask for to wind down the wedding year. I guess I was good this year as well. Maybe.

Wedding at The West End Ballroom | Click HERE View a 360º Virtual Tour of this venue

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