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Elizabeth & Joshua { Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom }

I must be on a roll. The couples I have worked with so far this year have been so gracious and fun. Elizabeth and Joshua were no different. I fully expected that their wedding day was going to be great. Joshua and Elizabeth are so full of life and laughter. On the wedding day, I walk into the bridal suite and the room is buzzing with activity. Everyone is floating along, taking care of final preparations laughing and carrying on. After Lizzie got her dress on, Connie her mom and her bridesmaids started the painstaking task of lacing up the dress. Those in the know, can feel the pain. There’s a lot of tugging, pulling, bracing and in some cases grunting. Guys have it easy, but for the girls it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Lizzie and her attendants handled all that with smiles on their faces. Knowing Joshua, I knew his crew was going to be the same. Once the introductions were done, it was on. Later on in the day, I was definitely accepted into the one man wolf pack. You never know how the groom is going to react the first time he sees his bride. I love capturing that moment right before the groom turns around as he hears the foot steps of his beautiful bride getting closer. Joshua’s face seemed like it was about to erupt and after he turned around, you could have measured his smile with a yard stick. There may have been some tears in his eyes….I’m not saying, I’m just saying. We then hit the streets and hilarity ensued. Ben the best man decided to confess his vast knowledge of floral arrangements while all the guys were in the elevator. Okay….#237 of things not to say while in an elevator with guys. While the girls got into the elevator to go up, I decided to do my best impression of Usain Bolt and sprinted up 6 flights of stairs to catch the girls coming out. If you see part of a lung near a parking garage….it’s uh mine. After dominating the photos, the wedding crew got ready for the big show. I could go on and on about how much fun we had. The introduction of Elizabeth and Joshua into the reception could take up a whole blog post by itself. If you see any leftover swag just hanging out at the Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom, it’s uh theirs. I am honored and thankful that they chose me to capture their wedding. To end it, I will quote the groom, ”Who’s getting married? Not you, Josh D is!”

From the couple:
Powers as not only a huge help in our photographer, but also a stress reliever. We had heard so many horror stories of how the photography did not end up well for married couple experiences, and we can only be grateful that our story is a happy one. Having the help of the $1000 off our package from the drawing was a wonderful surprise, and the constant emails from Erin were great. We could not thank Powers enough for the warm hospitality, professionalism, and gratitude.

Mike is nothing below awesome! He is persistant, smart, and not scared to go beyond to take photos. He laid in the middle of the street in a nice, clean outfit just to get a shot for us. Mike is definitely all about the couple and their big day. With all the equipment he brought with him, it makes him look like a 10 man army. We couldn’t be more pleased with Mike and the photos he had taken. Mike knew what we wanted, and he knew how to take the best shots. Also having a couple meetings with him before the wedding was very much appreciated.

Mike worked harder than we expected. He was there early and stayed later to get all the shots he wanted. Even when we told him to take a break and eat something, he advised that he can eat later, and keep getting wonderful shots. Mike took time from his busy schedule to meet us more than once to go over all details in person, instead of via email.

There is nothing that can be improved for our experience was given to us with above and beyond expectations. We had no idea what we wanted, and with the help and experience of Powers, we are more than satisfied

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