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Elaine & Stephen

The city that never sleeps. What happens here stays here. The big easy. The big apple. What do all these places have in common? What is they are all not a Sacramento Alex. That’s right, Sacramento California. The capital. What goes on here never stays here. This city most definitely sleeps. Hell, it sleeps, takes a nap at two and eats dinner at three. Don’t let it fool you just like your Nana on the dance floor after some of her secret hooch, Sacramento has some moves. In this sort of metropolis is where Elaine and Steven decided to have their wedding day. They took Old Sacramento by the horns and rode it for like 10 seconds. Their venue was beautiful. The Vizcaya B&b knows how to strut. The day started with the girls of course. If you haven’t really figured it out by now it’s all about the girls. Make up and hair, laughter and drinks, dresses and paper cranes. There was a lot going on at Elaine’s camp. Her best friends Ellie and Chrlsea busily getting their fabulous on simultaneously laughing, trying to not cry happy tears. I was impressed. Everyone was so cool and calm and super happy. All ingredients for a great wedding day. Checking in with the guys, Steven and his crew were pulling in a classic movie staring Angela Lansbury and Frank Sinatra. Obligatory line about the guys, check. Back to the women. Dresses were on and buttoning was commencing. I will never for the life of me figure out why dress designers mske them so hard to button. We’ve been to the moon America, can we cut these brides a break? #bridesarepeopletoo #savethefingers. I digress. I think after all these years I can come up with a sort of formula for a great wedding. At the core of the recipe is great friends and great guests. You know, guests who genuinely are happy for the couple. Friends who would do anything to ensure the couple is having a good time. This part of the post I like to call rapid fire observations. 1. Elaine and Stephen’s first look was the perfect blend of “How you doin?”, laughter, nervousness with a tinge of happy tears. 2. Some guests were so excited/happy for the couple that they couldn’t sit down during the ceremony. 3. I swear I thought I heard Careless Whisper playing during the ceremony, even if that wasn’t true…there was some music playing which would unhinge some people, but everybody up front just silently giggled. Just roll with it. 4. Elaine’s parents wanted to take a photo of the family with Chris (Elaine’s Dad) wearing the veil and Mary (Elaine’s Mom) holding a glass of wine. That my friends are the “cool” parents we’ve all heard about but have never seen, kind of like Sasquatch and Unicorns. 5. The dance floor was never empty. 6. When Elaine and her dad danced together, Elaine’s bridesmaids/surrogate sisters happy cried……..hard. 7. Stephen and his mom weren’t slouches on the dance floor either. Finally 8. This was an awesome wedding and I’m happy I got to be there to document it. Stephen and Elaine, congrats on your wedding, on having awesome friends and family!

Wedding at Vizcaya Bed and Breakfast

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