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Dustin & Lizzy

Dustin and Lizzy got married on Friday the 13th. Some people may consider that unlucky and they wouldn’t want to take a chance getting married on that day. Not Lizzy and Dustin. ;) They had no qualms about it because they knew nothing, not even a supposed unlucky day, would create any effect on the strength of their marriage. And they were right. The day was perfect and sunny, with one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a long time. Not a single thing went array. It was gorgeous. Dustin and Lizzy, I’m so excited for you two to experience the adventure of marriage. I feel like you are a couple that would remain easily calm and collected when facing a storm because all that matters to you is that you have each other. Thank you for having me there to capture it all! Congratulations!

From the couple:

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Everyone was so great with communication and and always so available and ready to answer questions and walk us through things.
Our photographer was outstanding!! We knew from the moment that we met her that she was a perfect fit for us! She took her job extremely seriously, while at the same time presenting herself in a calm and relaxed way that really made us feel comfortable. She was incredible with communication, it seemed that any time a question would come into my head about things that we needed to do in regards to our photography, there was already an email waiting for me in my inbox from Sara giving us updates on the whole process. She was fabulous.
She made the photographing FUN! Not many people look forward to having their pictures taken or to be put into poses, but she knew exactly the type of photos and style that we wanted, and she made the entire experience so enjoyable. She was always aware of the timing of the day’s events and made sure to get in all of the photos that we could imagine, while still allowing us to not feel like our entire day was just about getting photos. Most of the time, I hardly even knew she was there, she was so good! I hope that every bride and groom can be lucky enough to be paired with someone that they enjoy as much as we enjoyed our photographer. Oh yeah, and her photography skills and talent are out of this world :)”

Wedding at The Aerie at Eagle Landing

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