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Delesa & Ella

Ella and Delesa are an amazing couple, I loved working with them from their engagement photos at Delesa’s family home, through all of their wedding festivities over two days.

The actual wedding day started with morning ceremonies at both of their family homes. A blessing at Delesa’s family home, and then a procession to Ella’s family home, where she was waiting. At the entrance, family elders greeted one another, and Delesa was welcomed into the home, up the stairs to his waiting bride — all accompanied by jubilant chanting. What followed after were blessings from elders, as well as the ceremonial gifting of blankets to honor parents and family.

The Christian ceremony was at St. Matthew’s Church, equally spirited and very beautiful. The evening’s dinner and reception was held at the Double Tree in NE Portland. Vibrant colored uplighting and elaborate decorations.

Sunday’s dinner was more traditional, centering around name giving and gifts to the couple. Very colorful and a heartwarming experience.

There was so much love from family and friends at the wedding, it was shown most on the dance floor, with Ella and Delesa in the center of the circle, surrounded by their loved ones. The dance and music holds deep religious meaning, it’s worship, and I was honored to be there to help capture it.

Congratulations once again Ella and Delesa!

Wedding at Persimmon Country Club

June 19, 2015 Comments (0) Persimmon Country Club

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