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David & Meaghan { Riverview Restaurant }

Wedding at Riverview Restaurant.

From the couple :-)

I loved Powers, I loved our photographerand I love my Photos. I will reccomend powers to anyone who is getting married anytime! Service was amazing the people are fantastic, and I simply loved Powers

Our photographer was AMAZING he was always so nice to be around! He was always kind, and is energy was infectious we both loved him!

He was simply amazing the day of the wedding, you see what impressed me the most is Dinner was running almost an hour later then it should have and that meant everything else was being pushed back too. He reminded me that his paid time was almost over, and that he would have to leave soon. Well just before 7 when Peter came to me and told me that he was going to stay anyways so he could get the Bouquet and garter toss! I was so AMAZED that he was willing to do that! So he ended up staying almost an hour after his paid time, and never asked for anything in return. This was the BEST customer service I have ever had! And I hope that he is rewarded for his OUTSTANDING personality and customer service!

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