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David & Mandy { Bigfoot Lodge }

David and Mandy’s picture perfect wedding had everything you could ask for!
Awesome couple-check!
Amazing family and friends-check!
Spectacular view of Mt. Hood-check!
Gorgeous weather-check!
Tons of hand-made decorations-check!
…and the list goes on and on.
Thanks for letting me be a part of such an amazing day!

From the couple :-)

 Sheldon was FANTASTIC to work with! Although I have not seen the pictures yet, I’m sure they are fabulous.

He worked his butt off for us!! He ran around during the ceremony to get various angles (and he only had 8 minutes to do so), plus he was eager to get the right angle no matter what. If that meant climb on rocks or lay on the ground, he did it. Sheldon also offered my husband his shirt to put under his knee on the grass so it would not get wet/grassy when we took pictures of me sitting on his knee.

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  1. Mandy Morgan says:

    Thank you so much Sheldon! You did a spectacular job photographing our wedding. We were in awe with how hard you worked for us so we could have amazing pictures of our wedding. We appreciate it so much! You were absolutely wonderful to work with and we can’t thank you enough!!!

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